Monday, April 4, 2011

Preschool Fun

We decided to join some other moms and kids in our neighborhood for a co-op preschool this year for Sarah. We are the Lucky Duck preschool and she has had a wonderful time. It's  been a good thing for her to get to know more kids in our neighborhood so that hopefully this coming fall she will know at least one or two kids in kindergarten. She has loved going to the different houses and there are always plenty of crafts and activities. These moms are wonderful and I am amazed at how talented and creative they all are. I have taken my turn helping and having preschool at our house and I have enjoyed it but it has also been stressful for me. I honestly don't know how people do this for a living.

One of the fun things that we do is we have a field trip almost every month. The field trips usually go along with the theme for the week and the kids have really enjoyed them. We have done everything from visit a grocery store to going to the planetarium. Our most recent trip was to Joe's Greenhouse and they let the kids take home a four pack of pansies. Even Lily got to have one and both girls couldn't wait to take them home and plant them.

It has been fun to see how much Sarah has learned this year and how far she has come. She is growing so fast and is more than ready to take that next step to kindergarten. I just hope that I am.

The Lucky Ducks at the Pack Family Farm.

Sarah has loved having her cousin Carson in preschool with her.

Running around the hay bale maze.

Listening intently at the Treehouse Museum.

Playing dress up at the Treehouse Museum.

They even got to milk a cow, albeit a plastic one.

Santa made a surprise visit after the Christmas program.

Riding Frontrunner to the planetarium.

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